Remove cat urine from carpet

Probably every pet owner at least once in his life faced with the fact that their pet did not do things in its place. And well, if a puddle formed around the tray, but because the cat can go on the carpet. After that, in the apartment, of course, there will be a terrible aroma, from which it will be quite difficult to get rid of, because as practice shows, not everyone knows how to do it right. How to remove the smell of cat urine from the carpet and how to prevent it from appearing in the future? We will try to find answers to these questions.

How to get cat urine smell out of carpetVery often, a soft flooring in the opinion of the cat becomes a much more suitable place to relieve the need than its own toilet. Often, the owners are also to blame for this: many clean animals refuse to go to an already dirty toilet with a filler that has not changed for a long time and find secluded places throughout the apartment for this purpose.

Whatever it was, a sharp unpleasant smell immediately signaled to all the guests about the problem, and it must be solved immediately, because the urine smell that is not eliminated threatens that the carpet will become a toilet for the cat on a permanent basis.

Determine the specific place where your cat goes to the toilet

The smell of a cat does not always make it possible to correctly determine where exactly the pet needs it – especially this is true for old spots. A few tips to determine which place on the carpet smells like a cat:

  1. Observe the cat. If he stopped and carefully sniffs the carpet in one place, most likely it is a sign of the desired “stain”. Cats often return to one place to relieve themselves there again and again.
  2. Check also if there are smudges, yellow or brown stains on the walls, doors, windows. Cats can mark the territory not only on the carpet, although this is the most likely place for dirty tricks.
  3. Raise the corner of the carpet and check for stains on the back. If the carpet is long-haired or “full”, then the spots with the smell of a cat can be more noticeable from the inside.

Below we consider one simple and effective way to remove urine from the carpet with improvised means, which allows not only to remove the stain, but also to remove the smell and helps prevent the subsequent walking of the cat to the toilet at the same place on the carpet.

Best way to get cat urine smell out of carpet

So, to remove the smell of cat urine from the carpet, we need: baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, detergent for dishes (you can use liquid soap) and plain water.

How to get cat urine smell out of carpetThe sequence of removal of the smell of cat urine home remedies:

  • To begin with, gently blot the wet spot with a dry cloth, cloth or towel. It is not necessary to wet, so as not to increase the area of ​​wetting on the carpet. After that, mix the vinegar with water in a ratio of one to three and moisten the spot with urine with this solution. Allow the vinegar solution to dry completely on the carpet and only then proceed to the next step.
  • Sprinkle baking soda, dried after the vinegar solution, on the carpet.
  • In a hand sprayer, mix 100 ml of water with 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and add half a teaspoon of washing or liquid soap. Place this mixture and spray it on the soda on the carpet, so that foam is formed. After that, leave a stain for 2-3 hours, so that all components react and decompose the urine residue in the carpet.
  • Finally, we clean the dirty place on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

This method helps to remove the smell of urine on the carpet completely, due to the complete decomposition of urine and its removal from the structure of the carpet. Another advantage of this procedure is the removal of signs and the smallest smell of cat urine, so that in the future the cat again did not find this place and did not go to it again in the toilet.